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David & Sithandwa Beevers
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

David is the co-founder of the organization with Dave Cushworth.

David Beevers has lived in Africa since 1970 and in Zimbabwe since 1976. He graduated from Christ for the Nations in 1981 and returned to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe where he still lives. David is a Bible Teacher with a healing and prophetic ministry.

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Benon & Ali Ncube
Beitbridge, Zimbabwe

Benon is the overseer of Ambassadors Christian Fellowship in Zimbabwe, and a member of the Apostolic Council of Hope Unlimited.

Benon and Ali pastor Ambassadors Christian Fellowship in Beitbridge, on the Zimbabwe border with South Africa. They also oversee a number of satellite churches they have planted in the region.

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Douglas & Itai Moyo
Musina, South Africa

Douglas and Itai started their church, Ambassadors Christian Fellowship, in Musina, South Africa, which is a border town facing the town of Beitbridge in Zimbabwe.

They are involved in the Musina Church, a Children's Feeding Program, the Venda Outreach Program, and the Pretoria Church.

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Joey & Amy Tupe
Quezon City, Philippines

Joey and Amy started People of Grace Church in Quezon City, Philippines. People of Grace has a rich legacy of developing solid Christian living, evangelism and missionary work throughout Asia.

The church is involved in missionary efforts in Vietnam, Tibet, India and throughout Asia, as well as the Philippines itself.

Amy also acts as Principal of People of Grace School, a school with sterling reputation and with all grade levels.

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David & Lynne Cushworth
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

David is the co-founder of the organization with Dave Beevers.

In addition to functioning in an Apostolic role within the Fellowship, he is the Executive Director of the organization and provides direction, insight and assistance to all.

David and Lynne have spoken at conferences around the world, done street evangelism in some of the toughest places on the planet, winning souls and planting works that still endure.

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Shane Cleminson
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Shane is an Evangelist with the organization.

He is a child of the ministry. He attened Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas before returning back to Zimbabwe where he was involved in crusades and Youth training weekends.

He has ministered throughout Africa, The Philippines and the USA.

Shane is currently based in the greater Chicago area.

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